In 1981 Josef Ludwig founded the tax consultancy in Trier as a solo business. In 1997 it was transformed into a tax consultancy and auditing firm. The auditing activities were spun off in 2011 into a separate auditing firm – LUDWIG & DIENER Revision GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

In 1994 the demand for international tax advice led to the establishment of LUDWIG & MALDENER S.à r.l. in Luxembourg. LMS Services S.à r.l. was set up in 2012 in Grevenmacher to provide support for foreign investors locating in Luxembourg and to manage holding companies.

LUDWIG & MÜLLER Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH has been operating In Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt) since 1993. It advises companies and individuals in the region on national and international tax law.

In 2012 the close collaborative relationships of all five companies led to the establishment of the consultancy network LUDWIG CONSULT.

Trust and service: This also applies to us as an employer.

Within the LUDWIG consultancy network all employees play an active role in shaping the company. Involvement is encouraged and is indeed possible at any time both in the professional as well as the organisational domains of the consultancy. This principle has been firmly established since 2004 in the LUDWIG quality management system.
The corporate objectives of the consultancy network are determined every year at the strategy meeting held by management, after having been developed in the consultancy teams working together with the employees. Employee ideas and recommendations for improvement are evaluated and implemented on a weekly basis. In addition, each employee is actively involved in areas of responsibility in the consultancy, such as areas of professional competence, further development of quality management processes, and health and knowledge management. Furthermore, employees are regularly asked their opinion to ascertain their job satisfaction or to determine requirements on important consultancy issues (e.g. offering a home office option and organising the Health Day). The prerequisite for such participation by employees is a transparent and continuous flow of information and communication at all times, which is guaranteed thanks to weekly consultancy meetings, monthly employee interviews and the quarterly employee magazine LUDWIG News.

The success of the consultancy network rests on many shoulders; it would not be possible without a team of committed and motivated employees. In addition to individual objectives, the annual appraisal and performance reviews are an opportunity to discuss personal needs in their team work and provisions for professional development and further training.

We have developed together with our managerial staff and employees a consultancy philosophy, which guides us in our daily team work and in the cooperation with our clients and business partners. This philosophy comprises 8 key tenets, which are organised according to various guiding principles of conduct:

  1. We work and live in a consultancy network: the LUDWIG CONSULT group.
  2. We work with clear and understandable objectives.
  3. The consultancy is our living environment. We cultivate respectful and open interaction amongst us. Each individual should feel at ease at work.
  4. We are service providers for our clients and work together with them. Sincerity and friendliness are of paramount importance to us.
  5. Our shared objective is to achieve the highest quality service.
  6. We trust each other.
  7. The success of our company is a result of the successes of all employees and clients.
  8. Everything good can be improved. We shape our company together.